Friday, September 5, 2008


The biopsy in Arizona on the 28th went well and they were able to get what they wanted.  They confirmed the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer as the most common form, but not a lot of other details were given.
Jamie and Kent are currently in Baltimore getting a second opinion from Dr. Cameron at John Hopkins.  They met with him today and he is currently running more tests, they are hoping to hear some news today, but if not, we will know something by Monday.


Sarah Jones said...

I love you guys & your family so much! Thinking of you TONS!

Cheryl said...

It was so good to talk to you girls and your Dad the other day. I hope my girls turn out as sweet, kind and beautiful as you all have :) You are in every prayer that is said in this house.
Lots of love,
Cheryl and Christopher Haws

Chris Hurst said...

You have my full support. In my darkest night, the Lord kept me. I know your faith is strong and your willingness to bear even this trial will be a blessing. You are in my prayers and thoughts every day. Just remember me and know miracles happen! I wish I could bring you meals and hugs and beautiful big smiles like you brought to me! Much love, Chris Hurst

Jill Davis said...

You, Kent and your family are in our prayers several times a day. Smiles, hugs, hope and much faith.

We love you,
Jill and Charlie