Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now my blood is thinner than water

Sept. 13-Jamie's update
First of all can I say, how great it is to be home! My experience at Johns Hopkins was absolutely
wonderful, (under the circumstances) but we all know the truth to the statement,"There's no
place like home." My blood's been thinned out sufficiently so that the clot can be dissolved, so now I just have to be very careful and not cut myself. Todd and Ashley were wonderful hosts, the doctors and staff at the hospital were so great and gracious in their care of me. Kent and I feel like we learned alot and have more direction as to our course of action for the future. I want you all to know that I felt of your love and prayers on my behalf continually! I truly know the power of fasting and prayer and what a great source of strength it is. We know in the church when groups begin to exercise collective faith, the outpourings of the powers of heaven are incredible and many lives are blessed. We all find it much easier to exercise our faith, when our faith is sustained by the faith of others. I can't tell you how much that means to me, and how much it humbles me! So don't forget me! I am relying on all your faith and prayers continuously! I know that much can be accomplished as we work together under the direction of the Savior. Thank you again for your love and concern, you are all very special to me!
Love, Jamie


Cheryl said...

Welcome home Jamie! We promise not to forget you all in our prayers :)

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you are home, you were missed. Your positive attitude is great and so you. You are such a great example of faith to me. I have thought about you everyday and my prayers will continue with you along this journey.

Love you,

Kelli said...

You are right...There is no place like home. While you were in Baltimore getting wonderful care, we were in Henderson seeing our oldest grandchild get baptized. All present --were so glad to have a 'Jamie' update. It was so good to talk to you and Kent. Under the circumstances you sounded outstanding! Well, you are in all of our prayers constantly! Everyone here has you and Kent on our minds. I'm going to the temple on Wed so I will add your name to the prayer roll. AGAIN! (You can never have it in there too much)!
Jamie, Ben and I love you so much and know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of you and your predicament. He will help you through it all! By the way the pictures of you @ J Hopkins and with your family are soooo cute. How fun to visit with your sisters....all together @ the same time.
Gotta run!
Love you--Kelli

ashwes said...

HI Jamie!!! My dad told me to check out your blog to see pics and updates- i check it frequently because Iv'e had you and your family on my mind. I think you are one AWESOME lady; YOU are one trooper and youre gonna get through this- We LOVE YOU SO MUCH and appreciate the love and support that you and Bishop have always shown us. I have fun memories with you guys at the beach and of the roadshow days!!! What fun times! We love you and are praying for you :) HANG TOUGH HOT MAMMA!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Jamie (and Kent). You've been very missed around the neighborhood.

Hugs and prayers sent your way,

Love you, Jill

P.S. Kent, your voicemail box is full...LOL

Linda Pickles said...

HI Jamie,
So good to get you home and to hear from you again. What an experience you are having. And you're right, be careful not to cut yourself--even a simple paper cut will get you!!!
Your words and testimony are uplifting to all of us. We know you will fight this with all your strength, and our prayers and faith will be right there with you. We love you so!

Hang in there!

Linda and Jeff

brooke martin said...

I'm so glad you're home and your experience away was some what pleasant. I hope news only gets better from here!! love ya!

Amber R. said...
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Amber R. said...

Since you have to be careful, you REALLY have a reason to be waited on hand and foot, haha! I am glad you guys are doing this blog so we can stay updated on things with you and your family. We love you and your family and will do whatever we can to help!!!

Amber (Cam's wife)

Maxwell favorites said...

Dear beautiful Jamie,
We think of you everyday. Please know that you have our admiration, love and prayers. Your strength beauty and grace are are an inspiration to us all! We are here for you and your family always.
Love, Lisa and Charlie Maxwell

emily said...

Hello Jamie,
Just thinking about you. You are in my thoughts daily!!! Hope to see you when Ashley comes back!

MUCH love, Emily Heap

The Jager Family said...

your are on our mind often. Our prayers and thoughts are with you! Keep pushing through this trial. love - shane and willow

Anonymous said...

You must have been one of the most inspiring patients they have ever had at Johns Hopkins. Your spirit glows in the pictures. There is so much love surrounding you. Our prayers are with you and your family and the medical team who will be working with you. Roberta

Judy said...

Glad you and Kent are safely home. Happy to hear things went well in Baltimore. Our prayers will continue to be with you daily.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
All my love,

Kelli said...

I'm just thinking about you again today....You are in my prayers fact I find myself praying much more often for more specific reason's with you always @ the top of the list. I can't wait to get over there to see you...probably by mid Oct. I will call Kent to get an update. In the meantime I hope you are comfortable and surrounded by your loved-ones. You and Kent are amazing and I know feel our Saviors love. I wish I could just see you, give you a big hug, hear about any treatments you are undergoing... and then go browse through some of your hand-made baby creation's. You are so talented! You are one beautiful sister-in-law. How did I get so lucky?
I'll call Kent tomorrow...
Love You,
Kelli J.