Saturday, October 11, 2008

Receiving Treatments and doing well

Sorry the updates have been slow in the past month, but it has been busy for mom.  She asked me to write a few things today and let everyone know that she is doing really well.

She started chemotherapy treatments about 3 weeks ago.  She has two doctors that are administering chemotherapy.  She receives a natural chemo every week that has very minimal side effects and is used often in Europe.  On Fridays, she goes to her Oncologist and receives traditional medical chemotherapy as well.  Those treatments usually last 1-2 hours and so far she has tolerated them really well.  She tends to get a little flu-like for 24-36 hours, but after that she feels pretty good.  She was also able to cut back on some of her pain medication this week, which all of us (including doctors) took as a big positive.  Her regimen will be 3 weeks of chemo and then gets 1 week off.  This week is her week off and her and Dad are thinking about going to Mexico for a day or two which would be a nice break from all the doctors appointments she usually has every week.

This week she even felt good enough to go see a movie with some of the grandkids, Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  All of us know how much she loves her little dog "Chimi" and the grandkids insisted that they needed to see it with her!:)  She and Tarah were also able to fit in a temple trip as well which always is a great comfort to her.

Her spirits are good and she is still appreciative of all the fasts and prayers that have happened on her behalf and she hopes they will continue.  She knows how well they work!  Her faith as well as all of the family's  is strong. We love our Mom and Grandma and are thankful for all of our wonderful days with her.  Love you mom, glad things are going well!