Monday, September 8, 2008

"The Divine Physician" Statue of Christ at Johns Hopkins

Pictures with Mom, Dad, Ashley and kids in front of the Christus at Johns Hopkins.  Ashley says she and mom go out for lots of walks to this statue everyday.  We all know how much Mom loves the Savior and it is beautiful source of great peace and comfort.


Steven N. Curran said...

Jamie & Kent:
I have never felt such a strong feeling as I did this past Sunday at the conclusion of our fast, that you are going to win this battle with cancer. I know that each of you have received confirmation that Jamie is going to receive a miracle. The strong faith of your family and the prayers of your many friends will get you through this trial.
Steve & Elle Curran

P.S. All is well with your home.

Keli said...

I was referred to your blog by Sara Stevenson. She found me after reading the blog we had set up for our mom, who unfortunately lost her battle with pancreatic cancer just 7 weeks ago. Hers was very advanced when it was discovered, and unfortunately there wasn't anything that could be done for her. Her battle was fierce, and she was laughing and joking with us right until the last few hours. We, too, had a fast for her, and we all felt so much comfort from that and the many prayers that were offered on her behalf. Please know that miracles do happen. Absolutely, they do. But please remember to see miracles in the everyday smallest things. Your lives will all be blessed through this. If you would like to read through our mom's blog, it's

Best of luck, and we will be praying for you.

brooke martin said...

Words can't express how happy I am we are able to keep track of the progress you are making. I love hearing your thoughts, testimony, and faith. It already has strengthened me so much.
Jamie- YOU ARE A FIGHTER! Tarah is you. AND I KNOW TARAH...if that girl wants something bad enough, nothing is going to stop her from getting it. We will continue to pray for you and hope for the best during this time. I am at peace knowing that you truly have faith that the Lord will not give us a trial we aren't capable of conquering. Why does just knowing that ALONE, bring such contentment and peace to our lives? The power of faith is real.
Love you and your family so so so much. I am thankful for your friendship!!