Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictures with Mom, Candi and Kelley

Mom was glad to have her sisters Candi and Kelley come and support her during her biopsy!  While they were here, they went to get pedicures and here are pictures of their beautiful feet!  And of course some pictures of them together.:)


Heidi Donahue said...

wow, i have to say those are "Anderson" toes!!! i guess i can't talk, i have webbed feet!!

The Jager Family said...

you guys are so beautiful-- what a blessed bunch! Jamie we are praying for you. Love. Willow & Shane

spencer said...

It was so sweet to see you at the Temple this morning. I am so grateful to feel of your strength. My prayers are with you and the medical staff that will be attending to your needs. Faith, prayers, and the Lord's healing powers will be with you, I know during this test. Love ya,
Jennifer & Bill Hall & Family