Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now my blood is thinner than water

Sept. 13-Jamie's update
First of all can I say, how great it is to be home! My experience at Johns Hopkins was absolutely
wonderful, (under the circumstances) but we all know the truth to the statement,"There's no
place like home." My blood's been thinned out sufficiently so that the clot can be dissolved, so now I just have to be very careful and not cut myself. Todd and Ashley were wonderful hosts, the doctors and staff at the hospital were so great and gracious in their care of me. Kent and I feel like we learned alot and have more direction as to our course of action for the future. I want you all to know that I felt of your love and prayers on my behalf continually! I truly know the power of fasting and prayer and what a great source of strength it is. We know in the church when groups begin to exercise collective faith, the outpourings of the powers of heaven are incredible and many lives are blessed. We all find it much easier to exercise our faith, when our faith is sustained by the faith of others. I can't tell you how much that means to me, and how much it humbles me! So don't forget me! I am relying on all your faith and prayers continuously! I know that much can be accomplished as we work together under the direction of the Savior. Thank you again for your love and concern, you are all very special to me!
Love, Jamie

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mom is coming home, pictures from Baltimore

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday and will be flying home today.  She will get in late tonight.  They will not be making the trip to New York, instead she will be meeting with doctors here that were recommended by Johns Hopkins.
These pictures are some from Moms trip back there.  Dr. Cameron is shown in the top photo. He came in on her last day full of optimism and told her to "Keep in touch kiddo."   The other is her team of doctors while she was there.  
Aunt Candi made the trip with them from Arizona and Aunt Julie joined them from Chicago for a few days!  They are a great support and fun for mom to have around, she loves her sisters! Aren't they beauties!:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

"The Divine Physician" Statue of Christ at Johns Hopkins

Pictures with Mom, Dad, Ashley and kids in front of the Christus at Johns Hopkins.  Ashley says she and mom go out for lots of walks to this statue everyday.  We all know how much Mom loves the Savior and it is beautiful source of great peace and comfort.

Update from Baltimore

Jamie was admitted to the hospital at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on Friday night.  Dr. Cameron, after running tests,  found a pulmonary blood clot and admitted her to dissolve it.  They are hoping she will released from the hospital on Wednesday.   Dr. Cameron confirmed the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer as adenocarcinoma and currently they are waiting for the oncologists for their opinion on treatment plans.

Jamie's spirits are high and she is feeling good, and has even gained some weight while she has been in the hospital back there!  When she gets out the hospital, they plan to travel to New York to meet with one more doctor.  They will then return home to Arizona, to begin her treatment plan.  Thanks to everyone for all of your support and please keep praying for her, she definitely feels those prayers and all the love!
We all love you mom and can't wait for you to return!

Friday, September 5, 2008


The biopsy in Arizona on the 28th went well and they were able to get what they wanted.  They confirmed the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer as the most common form, but not a lot of other details were given.
Jamie and Kent are currently in Baltimore getting a second opinion from Dr. Cameron at John Hopkins.  They met with him today and he is currently running more tests, they are hoping to hear some news today, but if not, we will know something by Monday.

Pictures with Mom, Candi and Kelley

Mom was glad to have her sisters Candi and Kelley come and support her during her biopsy!  While they were here, they went to get pedicures and here are pictures of their beautiful feet!  And of course some pictures of them together.:)