Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Pictures


Linda Pickles said...

Dear Kent and Jamie,

What beautiful pictures! I had asked Jamie on Saturday night if someone would be setting up a blog so we could keep in touch without constant phone calls, and she said someone would probably do it. We laughed and said neither one of us would know how, but she was sure someone in the family would set it up. Thank you for beautiful reminders of our dear friends!

We want all of you to know that you're in our thoughts and prayers. We're praying for a miracle!

Jeff and Linda

jean jensen said...

it is amazing to see how much your girls look like you. you are beautiful and wow, what a dashing couple you two were. (and you have only got better through the years)
i think about and pray for you everyday.
i know miracles happen and that is what we are praying for.
keep your chin up!
i love you!

Da Spears said...

Bishop & Sister Rohner,

My mom emailed us the news. My heart has been touched by your children's love and concern for you, Jamie. We've been hit twice with cancer trials--my mother-in-law, Kathy and our son, Ryan--and our family has grown together magnificently from those situations. It's strange how your perspective changes on a lot of things. You start noticing the flowers and the beautiful sky above you more. Know that you are in our thoughts and fasts. We love you. You've been wonderful friends to us and our parents.

Greg and Robyn Shahan Spears

Sarah Jones said...

WOW! I didn't know Chris married mini-Jamie! :) You and Tarah are so beautiful! Your whole family is beautiful!
I love the pictures and LOVE your family.
Sending you tons of HOPE and LOVE,

Brenda Jones said...

Jamie Rohner, you little hottie! :-) What awesome pictures! Your black & white senior picture looks SO MUCH LIKE TARAH that I called to Katie, "Did you see this?!?!" Like Sarah said, Tarah is totally Mini-Jamie! Love it! And thank you so much for setting up this blog (or having someone set it up for you :-) so those of us who love you can stay close. You and Kent are in every Jones Family Prayer. We pray for strength and miracles. Your family is very important to ours. I hear your "inner competitor" is coming out! That's good! We will be your cheerleaders. Love you guys! ~ Bren

Candi said...

Jay Sue -
I will always be behind you
(pushing all the way) supporting any decision you make! You can always depend on me. Don't lose your sense of humor.
Love ya, Candi

Esther Fajardo said...

Hi Jamie,

What ever God's will, we remember the good times and in what ever we pray, we must have faith that there will be many more. I saw your pictures and I can see the blessings so far in your life. My prayer for you is that God sends many more blessings, mercy and above all, healing. You have a beautiful family, the most precious blessing of all.

With Love,
Esther (Lynnea's Mom)

hchrishoyt said...

Dear Jamie,
Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. Your pictures are awesome! We love you! You are our light on a hill. You're a beautiful example of faith and hope and love. You're in our thoughts and prayers every day.
Chris Hoyt

Anonymous said...

What a great looking family you have Jamie...I think of you everyday and put you in my meditation and please keep your positive attitude and God will come through for you..Everyone at water class misses you and we all hope you can return to us soon. Your friend Joy Day...